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About Horn Training Group (Pty) Ltd

The Horn Training Group comprises 3 operating companies dedicated to the South African training industry sectors consulting, marketing and broking. The group is guided by a set of five core values how we do business, serve our clients and conduct ourselves every day namely: integrity, commitment, excellence, loyalty and accountability. These values which have been part of Horn Training from its earliest days in 2004 will continue to guide and drive the business and decisions of the Horn Training Group.

Contact Details
Telephone (012) 548 5241
Email info@trainingbrokers.co.za
Website www.trainingbrokers.co.za

Contact Details
Telephone (012) 543 0877
Email info@trainingdirectorysa.co.za
Website www.trainingdirectorysa.co.za

Contact Details
Telephone (016) 982 2697
Email info@horntraining.com
Website www.horntraining.com

Horn Training Group (Pty) Ltd Contact Details

Telephone (012) 548 5241
Email info@traininggroup.co.za